It all started when one Long Island, New York based entrepreneur decided to develop and market a simple, interesting, quirky—and utterly practical—darn good Chair Silencer called LOWBOZ.

Inspired by elderly women at a nursing home, we noticed that several seniors had accessorized their walkers by placing balls on the leg bottoms to eliminate the disturbing noise and to increase smoothness as they walked. Using those walkers as inspiration, we created a completely new product utilizing a custom-made felt ball that fits virtually any chair—and comes complete with a removable sleeve that is available in a variety of colors.

Not just a curious idea, LOWBOZ (rhymes with "oboes") is a "quality of life" product. It eliminates the potentially maddening noise of chairs, providing a more tranquil environment for family, visitors, neighbors, tenants, passersby—anyone who wants to enjoy a dinner conversation, take an afternoon nap, play some music, or just read a book and relax.

LOWBOZ is poised to become part conversation piece, part quirky and an all-practical solution to an age-old pet peeve. And they make a great gift!
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