Protect Your Floors With LOWBOZ

You have nice floors in your kitchen and dining room, these are two rooms where you spend most of your time in. A very common question is, what can i do to make sure my floors stay looking brand spankin' new? There are many solutions for floor protection. LOWBOZ provide the best results for hardwood protection, they stay on no matter what and keep your wood or tile floors free from scratches, scuff marks, and dents.

This is what Sol Davis said about LOWBOZ in his new dining room. "We recently renovated our home and bought a new dining room set. In a matter of days I could see that our floors were getting damaged, beaten and scratched - even with the common small felt pads on the bottom of our chairs. So I did what you're supposed to do; I went to and searched for floor protection and there it was, LOWBOZ. I purchased a few boxes conveniently online, and boy, am I happy that I did. Out of all the felt pad products we have tried in the past to provide us with hardwood protection, LOWBOZ was the only product that performed flawlessly."

Here is some more positive feedback we have received. "Dear LOWBOZ, my name is Tom, i saw your booth at the New York Gift Cash and Carry show in NYC at the Javits center. I bought them because my kitchen chairs always make that gross noise and even began to wear out the tiles. I chose the gray LOWBOZ since they matched my tiles very well. My wife and I love them! What's interesting is, anytime our cousins visit they always seem to take notice and comment on how funky and cool they are. Who would've ever thought that a chair protector could make the most unique gift for someone who has it all. We added two sets in each one of our party bags for the whole family. The package is so cute and the way it came in the mail was even cuter. Love that tape! In Tom's world, we all agree that LOWBOZ works best for floor protection and looks best forever.

Stop those little holes and indents ordinary felt pads leave in the carpet. Don't you just hate those? LOWBOZ is perfect for carpeted protection. They prevent those little annoying holes and will stop any snagging of the carpet. No more runs in the rug :)

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