Elderly Walkers With LOWBOZ

Accessorizing walkers all over the world

"My father was having a hard time with his new walker. The walker legs always made loud screeching noises, and snagged on the floor causing him to lose balance. I told him that i would put tennis balls on the bottom of his walker, and he was very opposed the idea. He said that he didn't want green balls on the bottom of his walker, because they looked very ugly. I decided to look for alternative solutions for walker noise reduction and for the dragging. I did a quick search on the web and found LOWBOZ, which ended up being the answer to our little problem. I purchased the gray LOWBOZ to match the gray walker, and that was it. LOWBOZ fit perfectly on the walker legs. No more noise, no more dragging, LOWBOZ are pre-cut, they come in a variety of colors, and are very convenient. I would strongly recommend LOWBOZ to anybody who owns elderly walkers." David F.

It is very common to see tennis balls stuck to the bottoms of walkers. Walkers are also hard to maneuver because of the rubber walker legs on the bottom. Tennis balls help reduce the noise and scratching, but have one big problem... they are bright green and they look ridiculous! This is why LOWBOZ is perfect. You wont have to worry about making noise at two in the morning and waking up your family just because you were thirsty. With LOWBOZ you wont have to walk around looking funny in green, you can walk around in style!!! Everywhere you go you will feel like you are walking down the red carpet.

It has been a daily struggle having my father living with us at home. He is an older man with many health problems. Since he recently had surgery it has been impossible for him to get around without his walker. Along with the rest of my family, I hate the noise that the walkers come with. They drag everywhere and scratch up my wood floors. We tried those little rubber pieces that go on the bottoms of the walker legs, but with no success. Since we bought LOWBOZ our house is quiet and our floors are protected, thanx LOWBOZ.

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