Hearing Impaired, Reverberations and LOWBOZ

Dr. Cindy Lefkov is a mother raising a hearing impaired child as well as a school teacher for the deaf and the hearing impaired in Benbrook Texas. She says, "Having a child who's hearing impaired, and being a teacher, I am extra sensitive to the needs of these children. At our school, we have tried many hearing impaired products in order to stop the reverberations coming from the chairs. Felt pads always seem to fall off and end up on the bottom of my shoe and tennis balls are bright green and obvious. For chair legs in my kitchen and in my classroom, nothing beats LOWBOZ. I recommend this product to anyone in the hearing impaired community."

For years, hearing impaired children have been suffering in school and at home because of the maddening, scratching noise chairs make as they are dragged. In the past, institutions for the hearing impaired have used tennis balls on the bottoms of the chairs in order to stop that dreadful sound.

It is proven that tennis balls will eliminate the sound at school, but what about at home? Bright green balls in my kitchen? I don't think so!

Free your children of reverberations and irritating noise without your home looking like the U.S. Open?! We've got your remedy!

LOWBOZ, eliminates that irritating noise, and brings your child peace-of-mind. No more reverberations or echoing of chairs dragging noise competing with your conversation.

If you have a hearing impaired child in your apartment building LOWBOZ are perfect. LOWBOZ stops all the scratching noise that your downstairs neighbor has been complaining about.

LOWBOZ are offered in a variety of colors so you can coordinate them with your home decor! Hey, your kid's got personality, why not give your chairs personality too? LOWBOZ protects the floors fom scuff marks, scratches and dents, which ultimately means less money spent on maintenance and repair, and more money in your pocket. That sounds like a win win situation.

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