Chair Glides vs. LOWBOZ

Another common solution for floor protection, and chair noise is chair glides. The problem with furniture glides is that they need tools to be installed. I don't see how anything that needs hammers and nails can possibly protect your floors from scratches. Chair glides take a lot of effort to get on correctly, and they require complicated assembly. Chair glides are cheap but you get what you pay for. With LOWBOZ you wont need any tools, and you wont have to worry about your chairs scratching your floors ever again.

"As soon as we noticed that our floors were getting scratched by our kitchen chairs, my wife and i started searching for the perfect solution. We have tried felt pads, chair glides, furniture glides, and chair leg pads. None of them provided sufficient protection. As a matter of fact one of the chair glides came off and my son stepped on it, the doctor had to yank it out! Not only did they not serve their purpose, but are also hazardous. I was surfing the net a few weeks ago and i stumbled across We finally found the perfect solution, and not only do they protect our floors but the colors are great! LOWBOZ are very easy to put on, you just pop them on to your chair and boom! thats it! I would strongly recommend LOWBOZ to anybody with new kitchen or dining room floors."

"My husband hated the sound of gliding chairs on our floors. Over the years we have tried almost everything there is out there; from felt pads to chair feet glides. Needless to say nothing provided sufficient protection. The chair feet glides were a pain in the neck to get on, and they didn't even stop the noise. Out of all the things we have tried LOWBOZ were the only product that stopped the scratching as well as the noise. I give LOWBOZ two thumbs way up!"

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