Felt Pads vs. LOWBOZ

A common solution for chair scratching and floor protection are felt chair pads. Anybody who's acquired these felt pads will tell you that after a short while they begin to fall off, and before you know it they end up scattered all over your floor, stuck on your furniture, and maybe even on your cat! Felt pads come with one guarantee, they WILL fall off, and by the time that happens your floors will have already been scratched up bringing you back to square one: damaged floors. Here are just a few reasons why LOWBOZ are more practical and simply better than felt pads. LOWBOZ are the easiest to install out of all the products for floor protection. LOWBOZ do not require any tools for installation, they are the longest lasting product of its kind, and come in a variety of colors to match your floor and/or furniture. Unlike felt pads, LOWBOZ stay on forever providing the best quality in floor protection.

"Ever since we renovated our kitchen we've tried a few products to keep our floors looking new. First we tried those felt furniture pads. Those lasted about a week or so. By the time they had fallen off, our floors were already noticeably damaged. LOWBOZ is the only product that kept its promise. They were easy to put on, they are still on our chairs (unlike the felt pads), and most importantly our floors are still looking great! thanx LOWBOZ!"

"I went into my local hardware store to find something that reduced the noise that my chairs were making. The owner of the store was a burly man with the hands of a bear and a nametag on his shirt pocket that read Marty. I explained my little problem to him and he suggested felt carpet pads, or felt furniture pads. I went down to the end of aisle seven and looked right next to the rubber flooring as he instructed and saw the felt carpet pads. Obviously Marty did not understand my problem, so I went back to him and reiterated that i need something that will protect my floors from my chairs, and something that will reduce the noise that my chairs were making. He apologized for the misunderstanding and then told me about LOWBOZ. He said that LOWBOZ are better than felt carpet pads, or felt furniture pads, or any other product that claims to silence and protect the floors. I am so glad that i took his advice. No longer are my chairs making noise, and my floors are still looking like i got them yesterday! I LOVE LOWBOZ!!!"

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