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1 Replacement Sleeve
  Need of a replacement sleeve for your Lowboz?

1 Replacement Sleeve<br><font size="2">&nbsp;&nbsp;Need of a replacement sleeve for your Lowboz?</font><br>
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LOWBOZ Easily Fit Square, Rectangular
and Round Chair Legs

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Reg Price: $1.49
Sale Price: $0.99
You Save $0.50!
Good for 1 Ball - Enter Qty. Below
Special Instructions: Replacement Sleeve for 1 Chair Leg
Quantity Guide: 1 Chair Leg = 1 Replacement Sleeve
16 Chair Legs = 16 Replacement Sleeves

Availability: This item is currently on order



Replacement Lowboz sleeves are offered in a few different colors which can easily be replaced for a new, fresh look. You can mix, match and go wild!
Easy to install; just slip off the old & slip on the new.
No more felt pads! No more scratched floors!
Protect your floors indoors or out.
Proudly made in the USA.
No more floor scratches and scuffs. No more grinding chairs. LOWBOZ, The Chair Silencer, bring you peace of mind.
And remember... with Lowboz:
- No more scratched floors!
- No more screeching dragging noise.
Lowboz, The Chair Silencer... for a peaceful, tranquil home.

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